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If you are looking for a roof cleaning service that is going to provide you with a unique approach that will eliminate potential damage to your home and is carried out by a team of people who are passionate about what they do then our Jacksonville FL roof cleaning service is sure to meet your needs. Not only do we care deeply about every job that we do but we also aim to provide an excellent customer experience that cannot be rivaled. We offer a friendly service that demonstrates how important the customer is and we know that you will be pleased with the superior cleaning results that you will see. Curb appeal will be instantly renewed and any unsightly stains or algae will be removed from your roof.

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Tile Roof

If tiled roofs are blasted by high-pressure jets of water this could cause them to become cracked or damaged. Even worse, this method of cleaning could mean that water becomes lodged under the tiles causing leaks or structural damage. Our team of professional cleaners promises to deliver superior tile roof cleaning that will cause zero damage leaving your tiled roof looking as good as it did the day it was installed.

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asphalt shingle

Asphalt shingle roofs are extremely common but due to their delicate nature, if they are not cleaned using the correct methods, water can lodge under the shingles or cause potentially irreversible damage. Many other companies may do this, but our approach is slightly different. But thanks to the special low-pressure cleaning technique our Jacksonville FL roof cleaning services offer, we are easily able to remove dirt, algae, leaves, and any other debris from your roof leaving it looking perfectly pristine.

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Roof Cleaning

Our soft washing technique will ensure that your metal roof is brought up to scratch without causing any lasting damage, which unfortunately can occur if you hire a company that uses a high-pressure approach. Our team will efficiently remove even the toughest marks or dirt leaving your metal roof looking incredible.

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Roof Cleaning In Jacksonville FL Can Be Risky

Roof cleaning requires a specialist approach but unfortunately, not all roof cleaning services are paying attention to this. We, on the other hand, make applying the correct techniques a priority and by using a soft washing method, the associated dangers of roof cleaning are removed. If high-pressure washing is used, this can cause damage to the roof that is either irreparable or will be very costly to fix. The roof tiles may become cracked from the pressure of the water and in turn, this can cause water to penetrate into the roof leaving behind costly damage. You can feel confident that these issues will never arise when using our Jacksonville FL roof cleaning team thanks to our detailed and specialist approach.

Commercial Roof Cleaning Services
Roof Soft Wash

Our Jacksonville FL Roof Cleaning specializes in soft washing

We pride ourselves on bringing you a roof cleaning service in Jacksonville, FL that is second to none and it isn’t hard to see the benefit of hiring us to get the job done. Not only do we offer a service that is friendly and caring but we also have excellent experience in using the soft washing method that allows us to perform a clean with absolutely zero damage to your property. But don’t be fooled by the term ‘soft washing’ this powerful technique effectively removes dirt and grime by combining a low-pressure jet of water with some very powerful cleaning detergents and we know you’ll be amazed by the results. What’s more, all of our cleaning products are eco-friendly meaning that, together, we are doing our bit for the planet.

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Roof Cleaning Jacksonville FL

Matt and his Five Star Pressure Washing team did an excellent job of thoroughly yet carefully cleaning our roof. They took extra care to protect our plants and even took the extra time to return for a second visit to finish a detail. They were professional, timely and reasonable with the cost. I highly recommend!

Kristen Tiurchy

Roof Cleaning In Jacksonville FL

Absolutely Awesome! Matt and his Five Star Pressure Washing team did an amazing job cleaning our tile roof and it looks amazing. The Five Star team were very professional in their work and completed the job in one day. My wife and I are extremely happy with their work and would highly recommend Five Star Pressure Washing.

Joselito Millan

Roof Cleaning Jacksonville

I highly recommend Five Star Pressure Washing! They cleaned my roof and I could not be more pleased. From the moment I scheduled to the completion of the job, they were professional and friendly. It is obvious they take a great deal of pride with every job. I will definitely use them for all future pressure washing needs.

Mary S


Why Choose Our Jacksonville FL Roof Cleaning

Our specialist approach to roof cleaning means that you will always get the very best cleaning results without having to pay the price of a damaged roof. Not only this but our soft washing method uses eco-friendly products which we know is an important aspect when choosing a service. Our Jacksonville FL roof cleaning service offers an all-around excellent customer experience since we pride ourselves on bringing you quality cleaning alongside professionalism and friendliness. We are happy to answer any of your questions and will always treat you and your property with the utmost respect.

Frequently Asked Jacksonville
Roof Cleaning Questions

Roof cleaning is a service we offer, in an effort to remove all organic growth present from your roof. If you see dark streaks on your roof, it may be time to have it cleaned.

Its simple, it keeps your roof healthy. The stuff you may see growing on your roof is a form of bacteria called gloeocapsa magma. This bacteria actually feeds on your shingles and can speed up the breakdown of your roof. Once this bateria forms on your roof, it affects the ability of the shingle to reflect UV rays, which could lead to making your roof less energy efficient.

Roof cleaning is a specialized service we offer, and it is all based around ARMA’s(Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association) cleaning guidelines. These guidelines state that roofs must be softwashed with a mixture of sodium hypochlorite(chlorine) and water, followed by a thorough rinse of the roof to remove any residual chemicals that may be left on the roof.

We clean them all, shingle, tile, metal, even commercial TPO style roofs can benefit from being cleaned. Some roofing manufacturers require cleaning as part of the roof’s maintenance in order to keep the warranty active.

Our roof cleaning crews are always equipped with tarps, bags, and Tyvek to cover any sensitive areas. In addition to this, we will thoroughly water all surrounding plants and landscaping before, during, and after application of the roof cleaning chemicals. Once the roof has been cleaned, and before the roof is rinsed down, we apply a neutralizer to the remaining chemical in an effort to stop any damage to the landscaping. In the simplest form, we are killing the plant growing on the roof while keeping the plants on the ground alive.

On average, you can expect anywhere between 3-5 years between cleanings.

Yes! We do offer a 2 year warranty against HOA violations on all roof cleanings.

Many factors come into play when quoting a roof cleaning, such as the pitch of the roof, the size, the material your roof is made of, and if theres gutters present or not.

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