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Five Star Pressure Washing offers quality concrete and paver sealing in Jacksonville FL that helps keep your pavers intact and looking their best for years to come! We offer paver sealing, cleaning, and resanding to pavers and travertine stones, patios, driveways, pool decks, and more. Using state-of-the-art pressure washing equipment, we can remove even the deepest of stains and dirt. After cleaning, we use a high-grade sealant to help protect your pavers from further staining. We offer one-time deep cleanings or routine cleaning and sealing services to save you time. Request a free, no-obligation quote for paver cleaning or sealing services today!

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Concrete & Paver

Routine cleaning not only improves the appearance of your pavers, but it keeps them lasting! Pavers can lose their color through sun fading and the build-up of dirt and grime. Our technicians at Five Star Pressure Washing are experts in restoring the appearance of your pavers as we thoroughly wash dirt and grime away.

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Concrete & Paver

Five Star Pressure Washing offers professional concrete paver sealing for ultimate protection. Our expert team uses a high-quality sealant to preserve your concrete pavers beauty and durability. Sealing your pavers professionally helps deter fading from the brutal Florida sun and the growth of algae, dirt, and mold.

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Have your pavers been sealed in the past? Time for a refresh? We recommend having concrete and paver sealing in Jacksonville reapplied every three to five years for proper maintenance and care. If you’ve noticed signs of wear on your sealing barrier, it may be time for another reseal. Give us a call, and we’d be happy to provide you with a free quote for all of your sealing needs.

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Homeowners choose Five Star Pressure Washing for concrete and paver sealing in Jacksonville FL because we are the best choice for any of your exterior home needs. Our expert team has years of experience and knowledge to tackle any job, big or small. We utilize high-quality sealants which protect and preserve your concrete and paver surfaces. Sealing your concrete pavers protects them against harsh weather and staining for years. Unsealed concrete surfaces tend to absorb water, oils, and dirt easily. In turn, your outdoor surfaces will begin to look dirty and unattractive. Our reliable crew will help you keep your home’s exterior looking pristine. Contact us to learn more about our affordable concrete and paver sealing service and protect your property!


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Frequently Asked Jacksonville
Paver Sealing Questions

Professional paver sealing is an excellent way to help protect your pavers and prolong their lifespan. Another benefit of having your pavers sealed is to help preserve their color and prevent sun fading. Sealing also helps add years to your paver’s lifespan by preventing the growth of harmful organic growths like algae and mold.

At Five Star Pressure Washing, we recommend our customers have their concrete pavers sealed every three years. This helps keep your surfaces in pristine condition as they age. You will maintain the value of your home by protecting your surfaces with regular sealing.

For the best results, it is important to follow the directions provided by your technician. Stepping on your concrete pavers too soon can impact its appearance. In general, it is best to leave your surfaces to dry for about two days. In some cases, 24 hours may suffice, but longer is preferable.

We do not perform concrete sealing services in the rain. The weather must be clear for the process to be completed properly because rain can cause the sealant to bubble or blister before it has fully dried. Our technicians check weather conditions diligently before starting any sealing project. Our crew will do everything possible to avoid scheduling conflicts; however, we may need to reschedule if unforeseen rainy conditions occur.

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